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User Registration

Register as a user to enjoy full features and benefits on Rentlab.
User Registration Page

Click on the icon on the top right corner to open the user registration page

Create Login Credentials

Please use a valid email address and a password you can remember

Submit Form

Read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy

Email Verification

Check your email to verify the email address registered

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Users Profile Update

Only users who have updated their user profile and identity verified can list their property or bid on Rentlab.
User Profile Page

When prompted on your first login or click MyAccount>MyProfile to update your user profile

Select Profile Type

Select if you are currently a Property Owner, Tenant or Real Estate Agent / Negotiator

Complete Form

Please provide all the required information

ID Verification

Upload an image of your NRIC/passport and REA/CREN tag (for agents) for verification

Step / 03

Property Info Preparation

Before listing a property, gather all accurate and up-to-date information about the property and its surroundings. Here are some sample documents to help you.
Authorization Letter

Real Estate Agents and representatives will require authorization from the property owner to list on Rentlab. 

Download Authorization letter(RA-1) 

Property detail checklisted

For a full list of property
details required to 
list on Rentlab. 

Download checklist (RA-2) 

Inventory list

Download a sample of
the inventory list here


Commercial (RA-3)

Photos & 360 Virtual Tours

Take clear and good quality photos of the property & surroundings. 360 virtual tour is also preferred.

Step / 04

Listing A Property For Rent

The Property Owner (Landlord) or his Agent can list unlimited properties on rentlab once their user account has been verified.
Property Details

Complete all relevant property details with accurate and up-to-date info

Rental Terms And Bidding Period

Set the minimum rent, bidding duration, rental terms and
any additional requirements you desire

Digital Gallery

Upload photos, videos & 360 virtual tour link to give a true representation on the condition of the property


Select any value-added services required and upload the required documents to complete your listing

Step / 05

Placing Your Bids

Once the bidding period started, only verified user are allowed to bid. The bidding shall start from the minimum rent set by the Landlord.
Bid Within Bidding Period

Place your offers and bids within the set bidding start and end time

Rent Amount And Other Terms

Besides the rent amount, provide other required info in your bid, including any special requests to the landlord

Bidding Up

Bid higher amount to outbid the previous offer

Bid Responsibly

Only place a genuine offer and bid within your budget

Step / 06

Payment of Consideration Sum

Bidders with the top 3 highest rent amount offered will be shortlisted. A payment of consideration sum is required, which is equivalent to 10% of the bid amount offered or RM500, whichever is higher.
Consideration Sum

Shortlisted bidders to pay the consideration sum within 48 hours after bidding ends

Online Payment

Shortlisted bidders shall receive email with link to pay online or go to MyPropeties>Mybids

Qualified Bids

Only bids with consideration sum paid will be presented to Landlord for review and consideration

Step / 07

Landlord's Review & Acceptance Of Offer

The Landlord shall review the offers and accept the most suitable bidder as his Tenant. Landlord shall accept only one offer or reject all if no offer is suitable. Landlord is also not obliged to accept the offer with the highest bid amount.
Review Offers

Landlord to review the qualified offers including the rent amount and other terms offered


Landlord to accept the most suitable offer within 48hours

Landlord's Timely Response

Landlord's representatives or agents to update landlord on bidding status and get landlord's decision timely

Unsuccessful Bidders

The consideration sum paid shall be returned to the unsuccessful bidders within 7 days

Step / 08

Execution Of Tenancy Agreement

Landlord and successful bidder should execute the tenancy agreement within 14 days or other agreed time frame. You can choose to appoint your own lawyers, or select our automated e-tenancy, e-signing and e-stamping services.

The tenancy agreement shall be generated automatically from the property details and user information provided

E-Signing & E- Stamping

Tenancy Agreement will be signed electronically and submitted for stamping online

Balance Deposits Payments

The tenant shall pay the balance of agreed deposits to the landlord upon signing
the tenancy agreement

Delivery of Vacant Possession

Both parties shall schedule a physical visit to the property (if required) and handing over of keys

Get Verified

Ownership Verified and Property Verified logos help boosts confident of potential tenants/bidders to your property listings. Better chances to get more offers or higher bids

Verification Documents (Submit any 3)

Property Verified Service

Our ListVerify team will conduct a site visit to your property to verify all information you provided.

Our Service Charges

10% of successful bid amount, or RM500.00, whichever is higher

Refer to products and services page

Refer to products and services page

Refer to products and services page